Roomie King

Compete against your roomates.
Conquer your household.

You don't want to deal with bad roomates.
You want to have fun with them!

You can finally point out all those little things that bother you so much. And they will be able too! Because your are not the perfect roomie either. Or are you? Play and find out who is the Roomie King!

The Pot of Gold

Each month, every player gives in 1€ to participate, and 5€ everytime one loses all three lives. Guessing what happens to the money that goes into The Pot of Gold? The winner takes it all! Great oportunity to buy drinks for everyone while enjoying the Roomie King badge for the rest of the month ;)

Evidence please!

You think you can outsmart this game, huh? Well, in order to complete any task, you must send video evidence to everyone in the house! If they validate you, then you're good and you'll get your points.

Get things done!

The list of chores is very important. Chores can be assigned to a specific Roomie, or be responsibility of everyone. Make sure you complete them before they expire, because if they do, lives will be lost!

Introducing: Leaderboard

Each roomie can get theyir own modular board, and join them together to create a physical leaderboard that shows how things are going with the house. Perfect for common rooms, entrance, halls and fridge.

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